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Your DPF Solutions are here!

Truck DPF Failure???? Blocked and sick of  the price of installing a new filter?

Finally a non Factory Diesel Particulate Filter ( DPF) solution is here!

A DPF is designed to remove diesel particulate matter and soot from the exhaust.  When the DPF gets to a certain level it must be cleaned.  This is usually carried out through the filter regeneration where the matter is burnt off at high temps.

There are two types of regeneration: passive and active. Passive regeneration normally takes place at higher speeds, when the engine is running at higher revs.

To make sure that the regeneration takes place, most manufacturers suggest that every few hundred kms, the car is driven for a period of more than 15 minutes at a consistent speed in excess of 80kmph. Doing this should clear the filter.

If the DPF can’t regenerate passively, the vehicle’s onboard computer will have to take measures to prevent the filter from clogging.  When the computer detects that the filter is becoming blocked, it will raise the temperature of the exhaust gases to start the regeneration process which will then take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. During this time it’s likely you’ll notice that if your car has an engine stop-start system, it will deactivate.

However, if this process is interrupted on too many occasions, (for example, by doing lots of short driving and getting to your destination before the regeneration is complete) the DPF warning light will come on.

If this happens, the best thing that you can do is immediately take the vehicle on a motorway for 15 minutes of continuous driving to give the DPF an opportunity to regenerate (clean).

If you ignore the warning light and continue driving in traffic at a slow speed other warning lights may appear and the vehicle may eventually go into ‘limp mode' to prevent further engine damage.

DPF disasters and engine degradation due to engine oil dilution or excessive back pressure is a very common issue with modern diesels fitted with a DPF. For years the only options was to replace the failed filter with a factory unit at costs upwards of $7000.00 for a genuine unit.

Now there is and Alternative  which costs half that of a filter replacement  by installing  a system that tricks the Vehicle ECU that the DPF parameters are not meet thus never having the regen occur. This unit is hard wired into the existing trucks circuits. Once the internal material of the dpf has been removed and the Simulator connected you will never haveto worry about a DPF failure again.

Best of all we can do most Japanese and European Trucks and Hiace vans,


Give us a call  to discuss your requirements!

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